30 Great Bird of Paradise Tattoos You Can’t Miss

When the bird of paradise’s flowers are fully open, it is like a bird in South America. The flowers are very beautiful. The leaves are very similar to plantains, but the leaves are longer and the veins are clearer.

Bird of Paradise species can endure appropriate drought outdoors, but they can’t lack water for a long time in flower pots. This is that space limits its growth. Potted bird of Paradise raised at home can’t bloom basically.

The reason why bird of paradise is not suitable to be raised indoors is that the air in the house is particularly dry, the light is insufficient, the temperature is too uniform all year round, it can’t sleep in winter, and the heat and humidity can’t meet the requirements.

The leaves of bird of paradise are very large. When matched with a high foot flowerpot, it looks very beautiful. It looks very elegant, very stylish and tropical. This is why most people choose to raise birds of Paradise indoors.

30 Great Bird of Paradise Tattoos You Can’t Miss

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