30 Pretty Long Bob Haircut to Inspire You

Actually Bob Haircut is a kind of hair style, how many kinds of Bob hairstyles do you know? Long Bob Haircut、Wavy Bob Haircut、Blunt Bob Haircut? Add different bangs to change, Bob Haircut shape too much, if you just want to change hair, try these Long Bob Haircut!

Long Bob Haircut is popular because of its changeable shape. Length means that the tip of the hair is just around the clavicle, short hair is above, and long hair is not full. It is also called clavicular hair.

Long bob hairstyle is most suitable with a certain degree of curl, whether it is inside button or eversion. The curly hair on one side stays on the side of the face, and the curly hair on the other side is pinned behind the ear. It can help you hide your chin quietly, which shows that your face is small and fashionable.

The square face with obvious facial lines is more suitable for long bob hairstyle, the long bob hairstyle with curl can soften the facial contour, but the round face is not suitable.

30 Pretty Long Bob Haircut to Inspire You

Source: @_royalvisions_