30 Unique Manatee Tattoos You Can’t Miss

Manatees were originally residents on the road and were purified from suckling quadrupeds 60 million years ago. However, due to the changes of nature, manatees who lack the ability to resist grazing have to enter the sea. However, in the sea, they still keep the eating habits on the road and eat grass all the year round. At present, they have a history of 25 million years in the sea.

Most of the wild manatees live in shallow water and rarely go to the deep sea, but they don’t come to the shore. Despite their huge size, if they leave the water, they will become like children and cry constantly. Since they have migrated from land to the sea for so many years, they like living in the sea and love diving. Their powerful lung function allows them to dive for more than ten minutes. They keep tumbling in the sea.

30 Unique Manatee Tattoos You Can't Miss

Source: @bobby_ellis_tattooer