30 Gorgeous Maple Leaf Tattoos You Can Copy

Maple leaf has been loved by people at home and abroad since ancient times, and Canada takes maple leaf as the symbol of national flag. This article introduces the meaning of maple leaf tattoo and recommends various beautiful maple leaf tattoo patterns for you.

Maple leaf is a spiritual symbol in people’s mind. It has its own set of life principles. Spring is not red, autumn is not red, flowers are not red, leaves are red, walk alone against the law of plant growth, and do not drift with the waves. Due to the particularity of maple leaf, people often use it to symbolize perseverance.

Maple leaf also symbolizes the memory of the past, the precipitation of life, the eternity of emotion, the reincarnation of years, and the attachment to the former lover. From the emerald green in early spring to the fiery red in late autumn, it is shaky. It is not willing to leave the maple that once sheltered it. The autumn wind is ruthless. It slowly falls into the soil and turns into spring mud to take care of this strong maple.

Maple leaf has different meanings in different language environments. Red maple leaves represent pure friendship and beautiful love; The two fiery red maple leaves are connected in a heart shape. The red maple leaves symbolize affectionate lovers, and the heart shape symbolizes pure love. Fiery red maple leaves also symbolize good luck.

30 Gorgeous Maple Leaf Tattoos You Can Copy

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