30 Pretty Seagull Tattoos You Will Love

Seagull tattoo patterns are more common tattoo patterns. Many tattoo lovers like seagull tattoo patterns, but they don’t understand the meaning. Today I’ll talk about the moral and meaning of seagull tattoo.

Seagulls are strong and lovely. The feathers at the lower part of their body are as white as snow, without colorful feathers. Therefore, the seagull tattoo pattern means to be the simplest self in a realistic and helpless society. Seagulls are known as “forecasters” of maritime navigation safety, indicating the way ahead. The seagull tattoo pattern also means to make you firm your path, guide you to sail forward for your life, and no longer lose yourself.

In the impression of ordinary people, seagulls are elegant. In addition to their elegant appearance, they also have white to spotless wings, especially the environment in which they live. We all think that seagulls are naturally a symbol of elegance. However, seagulls are the cruelest creatures on the beach. They compete with other animals for food. They are cruel and indifferent. Therefore, seagulls are often more like a combination of devil and angel, a complex of elegance, cruelty and indifference.

Perhaps in real life, we all yearn for an elegant and free life, but despise the indifferent attitude towards life. However, in the world of literature, this characteristic has great appreciation significance. Elegance is noble in our mind, while indifference means sticking to our heart. Seagull tattoo also implies this meaning.

30 Pretty Seagull Tattoos You Will Love

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