30 Pretty Sketch Tattoos to Inspire You

A senior tattoo artist should learn painting, master certain painting skills, be familiar with all kinds of painting styles, and use them in tattoo creation. It is really a perfect combination of tattoo and art to carry forward. Sketch, as an independent art, has an independent status and value. Sketch is also the inevitable basis of tattoo art!

Sketch is by charcoal, pencil, pen, etc., with lines to draw the image of light and shade of monochrome painting, called sketch. Monochrome watercolor and monochrome oil painting can also be regarded as sketch; Chinese traditional line drawing and ink painting can also be called sketch. Generally speaking, drawing diversification refers to pencil drawing and charcoal drawing.

Sketch is the basis of all painting, which is a necessary stage for the study of painting art Sketch usually uses methods that can leave traces on the plane, such as crayons, charcoal pens, pens, brushes, ink, paper, etc. other methods also include abrasion on the surface of wet clay, ink stained cloth, metal, stone tools, containers or cloth. Outline and line are the general appellation of sketch. Sketch has the natural law. Different strokes create different lines, crosscutting relationship and rhythm, active and passive surrounding environment, plane, volume, tone and texture.

Sketch is a kind of formal artistic creation. It uses monochrome lines to express things in the intuitive world. It can also express thoughts, concepts, attitudes, feelings, fantasies, symbols and even abstract forms. It doesn’t pay as much attention to totality and color as color painting, but to structure and form. Maybe when you just learn tattoo, you will think sketch is not important, but when you are more and more demanding, you will find that painting is actually very important! As long as you want to move forward endlessly, painting is a course you must learn!

30 Pretty Sketch Tattoos to Inspire You

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