30 Elegant Violet Tattoos You Must Love

Violet tattoo means eternal love and beauty. It is said that Venus is in charge of love and beauty. One day, he fell in love. When her lover is about to leave, she shed tears on the land, which is full of violets. It also represents the simplicity and virtue of love, which can be used to give to her lover.

Violets usually have three colors: purple, blue and yellow. If someone likes them, they can give each other a bunch of three color violets to express simple love. Their flower language also represents being loyal to their lover forever, implying that no matter what difficulties they encounter, they can’t change their loyalty to you.

The blue violet tattoo means vigilance and loyalty. It is suitable for sending it to a girlfriend to show love. The white violet represents an oath. It can be given between husband and wife. It represents cherishing happiness and grasping it all the time, never leaving and never leaving. The purple violet can tell each other about her missing and choosing to fall in love with you in her dream.

Violets are native to southern Europe and are widely popular in Germany. The first bunch of violets are hung high on the mast every year to congratulate the return of spring and welcome the arrival of spring. Violets are very popular in Europe and America. They have faint fragrance when they bloom, and are usually perfumed by Europeans to make perfume.

30 Elegant Violet Tattoos You Must Love

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