30 Unique Zipper Tattoos You Can Copy

Zipper was originally invented by Americans, but during World War II, Japanese zipper developed greatly. It has formed the world’s first YKK zipper. Zipper is an automatic and convenient device instead of buttons. Since the zipper, it has become an indispensable part of people’s life. It is one of the most important and practical inventions in the last century.

Zipper tattoo symbolizes your ability to maintain relationships, but it also symbolizes difficulties in this regard. A jammed zipper implies the pain of maintaining your dignity in an embarrassing situation. A short zipper can block things you don’t want to show everyone, or release things you want to show. I have collected a lot of zipper tattoos here. I hope these tattoos can give you inspiration.

Calf landscape zipper tattoo

Calf landscape zipper tattoo

Source: @anastasia_powell

When the zipper is opened, it shows you the distant mountains, woods, quiet lake and a red maple leaf. This zipper tattoo gives everyone a very quiet and comfortable feeling.