Awesome DIYs for your Tech Toys

Want to DIY some cool accessories for iPhone, tablet or Android phone? Cases, speakers, headphones, chargers can be made spectacular with these cool crafts.

Looking for some cool DIY ideas to make your phone and other tech toys even more awesome? Check out these diy projects for your iPhone, tablet, iPad and Android. Neat ideas for personalizing and protecting your chargers, headphones, cases and more. From handmade knit cases for your phone and clever sleeves for your ipad to custom one of a kind speakers to creative headphone decorating ideas, we have some clever ideas for you to personalize your technical gear and electronics. All of these tutorials come with step by step instructions so you know exactly how to make the project.

Some of these are super cool ideas for crafts to make and sell on Etsy and Ebay, too. Cases and phone accessories are one of the most popular items and they sell for quite a bit.

Awesome DIYs for your Tech Toys

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