Gold Pencil Holder {Anthro Knock Off #4}

Day 4 of our Anthropologie Knock Off Challenge continues. Today I’m showing how easy and quick it is to create a gold desk organizer for only $3 (vs. the $48 for Anthro’s version).<

Make for Dad’s Office : DIY Anthro Pencil Holder Knockoff< Well … it’s been quite the week so far! I’m simply AMAZED at what projects Brittany, Angela, Sonnet, and Tasha have come up with. If you’re wondering … we didn’t know for sure what everyone else was doing for this challenge. So it’s been just as exciting for us to check out each other projects each day as it is for you (at least I hope so!).

Today, I’m sharing my easiest project … BY FAR! So … again, welcome to Anthro Knock Off Week … DAY 4!

Gold Pencil Holder {Anthro Knock Off #4}


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