30 Elegant Libra Tattoos Make You Attractive

Libra is used to represent people whose birth date is between September 23 and October 23. People who believe in astrology often like constellation tattoos, and Libras are no exception. Libra is associated with the Greek goddess Themis, who is famous for the symbol of justice and fairness, so the image of the goddess Themis will also appear in the general Libra tattoo. According to astrology, the sign of Libra has many different symbolic meanings. The main image of Libra tattoo is usually balance.

Libra tattoo patterns can have many choices and designs, which can be complex or simple, but the constellation is the most direct expression, which can let you quickly show your Libra identity. If you like simplicity, constellation is a very good choice.

Relative to the constellation, the Greek letter Ω is a very famous glyph symbol of Libra. This is a written symbol. This symbol looks like two parallel lines, but there is a semicircle in the middle of the top line. This symbol is one of the more common Libra tattoo designs you will see.

Of course, if you don't like simple and small patterns, patterns like scales are your best choice. Libra is the representative of Libra. You can choose a balance you like and put it on your arm. Many people like to place items on the balance for personalized design and expression.

30 Elegant Libra Tattoos Make You Attractive

Source: @florink_tattoo