30 Unique Anarchy Tattoos You Can Copy

Anarchy tattoo means liberation and freedom of the soul. In the prehistoric hunting era, human beings mainly lived spontaneously in the form of large families; There is no so-called government or country, only small-scale wealth accumulation and division of labor, and there are no laws and rulers. Anarchists claimed that this period was primitive anarchy.

The earliest use of “anarchy” appeared in Aeschylus’s drama “seven generals attack Thebes” in 467 BC. Among them, Polynices, Princess Antigone’s brother, participated in the attack on Thebes, so the ruler banned the burial of Polynices’ body as punishment. Antigone publicly refused to accept the ban and said, “even if no one else comes, I will bury him myself and bear the risk of burying my brother alone.

Ancient Greece was also regarded by the West as the first to create anarchism as a philosophical thought. Stoic philosopher Zeno made this contribution. He was called “the best anarchist interpreter of ancient Greece” by krupotkin.

The symbol of anarchism is an a, followed by a circle, but there is also a horizontal on a, which means the elimination of all authoritarian governments and power politics. Today I want to show you some unique anarchy tattoos. I hope these tattoos can inspire you.

30 Unique Anarchy Tattoos You Can Copy

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