30 Pretty Crab Tattoos to Inspire You

For the choice of crab tattoo pattern, the most is cancer tattoo, it represents its own constellation, very commemorative value. Crab is located in the vast starry sky, colorful, a symbol of cancer. For cancer tattoos, the crab can bring extra meaning, loyalty, contradiction, moodiness, which is the description of cancer.

Crab also plays an important role in the ancient Western culture. It is known as the God of the sea. At the same time, it will shed its old shell and grow a new one every year, so people think it has the meaning of rebirth. And for its thick shell and strong double Ao, people think it has the meaning of protection, can protect itself from harm.

In China, people think that crabs have a strong and brave meaning. Lu Xun once said, “the person who dares to eat crabs first is very admirable. Who dares to eat crabs is not a warrior.”, It can be seen that crabs give a very fierce impression at first, and those who dare to challenge are real warriors.

In Japan, there is a kind of crab called grimace crab. It has a human like appearance on its back, which is very terrible. The local people think it is the incarnation of samurai, with the spirit of Bushido. In the tattoo, the shape of grimace crab gives people a very strange feeling, which makes people have a sense of awe.

30 Pretty Crab Tattoos to Inspire You

Source: @__natcat