30 Unique Cross Tattoos to Inspire You

The cross, the symbol of the Neolithic Age in France, is a universal symbol that has existed since ancient times and represents the sun. Babylonian Sun God, usually with circumscribed circle to form the sun wheel. The cross is related to the worship of the sun. Schliemann notes that crosses appear on pottery and on the threads of pedals (about the religion of Troy). With the change of the scintillation disk, two objects appear adjacent to each other at one time. In the bronze age, especially among the Gauls, crosses often appeared on pottery, gems and coins.

In addition, the cross also symbolizes the tree of life, is a reproductive symbol, vertical bar represents male, horizontal bar represents female. The cross appears in Mexico, Peru, and most importantly in Central America, implying four kinds of wind, which are the source of rain. The Dakotas of North America also used the cross to express the four seasons wind.

The meaning of the early cross of ancient Roman god Bacchus reflects the earth in Chinese ideographic characters, which is an equivariant with a box. The cross with the sun depicts the four rivers in heaven. According to the Bible, this is a river flowing out of the garden of Eden. Therefore, this concept has been embodied in the story of Genesis. At the same time, the four rivers have special geographical attributes, and also reflect the theme of a living water river. They flow from God’s source through his morning star, Satan at that time.

As early as in ancient Egypt, the ancient Egyptians living on the banks of the Nile River marked the height of the Nile flood with a cross and predicted drought and food harvest. If the height of the river does not reach a certain height in the proper season, the crops will not be able to bear fruit. Therefore, the ancient Egyptian Cross was worshipped as a symbol of life and reproduction.

30 Unique Cross Tattoos to Inspire You

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