30 Elegant Crystal Tattoos to Inspire You

Through the ages, people believe that the purest thing in the world is crystal. Crystal is often compared to the tears of the virgin girl, the crystallization of wisdom of the sage, the stars of the summer sky, the essence of the earth.

Crystal is a unique stone created by nature. It contains the spirit of beauty between heaven and earth and has an indissoluble bond with human beings. Not only that, people also give the crystal many beautiful legends, and put symbols, hopes and unsolved mysteries in the crystal.

Crystal has always been loved by the world. It is very clean and has a powerful aura. Some people think that its natural energy can change the human body and the surrounding magnetic field, and even purify the environment, so it is particularly respected. Others believe that it can change fate, avoid evil spirits and exorcise demons, and bring good luck, so they regard it as a precious treasure. Wearing crystal can not only show beauty and expensive, but also reflect the moral of body protection and peace.

Because crystal is precious and beautiful, people give it a lot of symbolic significance. Just as roses symbolize good love, crystal has also become a symbol of good wishes. Moreover, crystals of different colors and shapes have different symbolic meanings.

30 Elegant Crystal Tattoos to Inspire You

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