30 Elegant Floral Moon Tattoos You Must Try

Through the investigation of the development and variation process of the symbolic meaning of tattoo patterns, we find that the tattoo patterns first come from the human living environment, and the patterns basically have the characteristics of realism, such as cross sun pattern, triangle pattern, diamond pattern, long pattern, animal and plant pattern, etc.

Moreover, the original symbolic meaning given by the tattoo nation is also very direct. Later, with the development of human production and life and other practical activities, the level of human understanding of nature and itself has been continuously improved, and the symbolic meaning of tattoos has become more and more rich, such as bravery and hierarchy. Marriage and so on, which truly reflects the historical process of the continuous development of human culture.

The moon is a negative star, representing our body and material body. Its essence is soft, smooth and thoughtful. Its nature is negative, cold and humid. It means the driving force of home life. In terms of characters, they represent women, such as mother, wife and woman.

The positive characteristics of the moon are: witty, like literature, agile, strong memory, talented, diligent, likable. And the negative characteristics such as: unprincipled, gossip, vulnerable, speculative, arrogant, secular, vulgar, forgetful, deceptive, neurotic, anxious.

30 Elegant Floral Moon Tattoos You Must Try

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