30 Pretty Mandala Tattoos You Must Try

Mandala is called the flower of heaven in India. In Tibetan Buddhism, it symbolizes “round and full” and “gathering”. Her design is complex and beautiful, perfect and orderly, and pursues a strict symmetry in the circle. Mandala, a mysterious religious material, has always been loved by tattoo lovers.

Today, I will tell you about this beautiful Tattoo – Mandala tattoo (Sanskrit flower tattoo). In the traditional sense, mandala is drawn strictly in the way of central symmetry, which is the reproduction of flowers above the flowers. Although boys also have Mandala patterns on their bodies, more girls are attracted by her complicated patterns. Delicate patterns, simple black and white coloring, so that girls have no resistance.

Up to now, the pattern of Mandala has changed a lot. From the original centrosymmetric pattern to the axisymmetric pattern. Mandala tattoo has layers of petals and delicate texture. In Buddhist scriptures, Mandala means “agreeable”, that is to say, people who see it will feel happy. It contains the spirit of insight, transcendent consciousness and infinite illusion. People with this spirit can become Mandala immortals. As a mysterious pattern of Tantra, Mandala shows its complexity. Jung, a psychologist, saw the mystery and said that it represented a kind of spiritual order like a symbol of mathematical formula.

It is said that in the Buddhist kingdom of the Western Paradise, the sky often sends out heavenly happiness, and the ground is decorated with gold. There is a very fragrant and beautiful flower called Mandala flower. It falls from the sky day and night, and the ground is colorful. Mandala has many colors, different colors have different meanings. Mandala flower is one of the most popular offerings of Buddhism. I think Mandala flower has Buddha nature. If you are a Buddhist, Mandala tattoo is very suitable for you.

30 Pretty Mandala Tattoos You Must Try

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