30 Elegant Oak Tree Tattoos You Must Love

Oak is one of the most beautiful and natural materials in the world. It is famous for its durability. It is one of the earliest cultural symbols. So do you know what the oak tattoo symbolizes?

Oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance. It has been selected as the national tree by many countries. In 2004, oak was officially declared as the national tree of the United States, symbolizing the power of the country.

Oak trees can live more than 200 years, and mature trees can absorb more than 50 gallons of water a day. Some oak trees have spirally arranged leaves, while others are serrated. This kind of tree blooms in spring.

Like the mysterious legend of the Kula tree, the oak tree is also related to several myths. In Norwegian mythology, it is the sacred tree of Thor. In Greek mythology, the oak is the Holy tree of Zeus, the king of the gods. In Slavic mythology, this is a tree vital to Perrin.

There are about 600 kinds of oak trees, which are native to the northern hemisphere. Oak trees are more vulnerable to lightning than other trees. In Britain, the image of oak tree is engraved on a sixpence coin, which is one of the oldest coins in Britain.

30 Elegant Oak Tree Tattoos You Must Love

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