30 Gorgeous Peony Tattoos You Can Copy

It is often said that the national flower peony is called the king of flowers because the peony is big and fragrant. For peony, there are many poems and famous paintings about peony. Of course, for modern and fashionable tattoo art, natural peony is also one of the subjects loved by many people. So do you know what the peony tattoo means?

People choose peony flowers as tattoo patterns, not only fancy the elegant appearance and strong aroma of peony flowers, but also the integrity of peony flowers. Peony is not delicate and fragile. She used to grow in Mangmang mountains. In modern times, because the forest area is shrinking day by day, Wild Peony can only grow tenaciously in the cliffs. In the arid and barren land of the Loess Plateau, she still blooms gorgeous flowers. Just as the song of peony praises, she really shows the virtue of “giving beauty to the world”, a kind of selfless dedication.

From the national point of view, peony symbolizes the colorful and brilliant flowers. In the Tang Dynasty, the Peony Blossom Season became the carnival in Chang’an, the capital. The poet Liu Yuxi once said that “only the peony is the real national color, and the flower bloom season moves the capital”. Therefore, the peony flower is a symbol of auspiciousness, happiness, prosperity, elegance and magnificence.

Peony tattoo patterns are also very rich. Many people will choose peony flowers alone to do tattoos and only love flowers. Some people will match them when choosing tattoo patterns, such as Prajna, geisha, carp and skeleton. Many can match peony flowers to make a tattoo. Peony can always be matched with any other tattoo element.

30 Gorgeous Peony Tattoos You Can Copy

Source: @57houseofart