30 Great Snake and Apple Tattoos You Can Copy

God created Adam after genesis. Adam was the first man and the first man in the world. God saw that Adam was lonely, so he took out one of Adam’s ribs and made Eve. Eve was the first woman in the world.

Adam and Eve lived happily in the paradise God prepared for them – the garden of Eden. They had no sorrow, no trouble, and of course they were not shy. When God left, he told Adam and Eve to enjoy everything in the garden of Eden and eat everything they could, but the only thing they couldn’t eat was “apples”.

One night, Eve could not resist the temptation of the snake and finally ate the apple. So Eve found that the apple was still delicious, so she encouraged Adam to eat it, so Adam ate it, so when God came back, God found evidence that they ate the apple.

Adam feels shy? Then he must have eaten the apple. God came to the conclusion at that time. So God will punish them. First of all, God cut off all the hands and feet of the snake, leaving only its body. Then God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. They came to the world.

30 Great Snake and Apple Tattoos You Can Copy

Source: @alicekjacobs