30 Elegant Strawberry Tattoos to Inspire You

Strawberry is a kind of tropical fruit originated in South America, with heart-shaped shape and bright color. It tastes sour and sweet, just like love, and is loved by many girls. Many people compare strawberry tattoo to love, it looks lovely and likable, but it is too fragile to store for a long time, just like love can’t resist suspicion. In the tattoo pattern, people not only use it to express love, but also design a lot of creative strawberry patterns.

Whether it’s the shape or taste of strawberry, it’s easy to think of love. The ancient Greeks regarded strawberry as an aphrodisiac and a symbol of Venus. In Shakespeare’s famous plays, the worse the environment, the more flourishing the strawberry grows, which also shows its noble character.

In the intimate action between lovers, there is a behavior called planting strawberry, which is to use the lips to breathe in the neck or near the clavicle of the other person, so as to form a strawberry style kiss, which is the symbol of love. Therefore, in strawberry tattoo, many couples put it as a tattoo pattern on the body, symbolizing the intimate relationship between the two people.

Many girls love strawberries because of its unique shape. If you cut it from it, it looks like love. It’s very likable. Half of the cut strawberry as a tattoo pattern is very beautiful. Especially red, white, red three color love shape, plus green leaves embellishment, let it become a favorite tattoo pattern.

For strawberry tattoos, don’t just focus on strawberries. You can add some other materials to make the pattern more perfect. See more strawberry tattoo in the gorgeous red, suddenly came to a black gray style strawberry modeling, very personalized, and because the tattoo care is not good, will fade, and faded strawberries may not reach what you want. It’s better to choose the black and gray style, which is very personalized.

30 Elegant Strawberry Tattoos to Inspire You

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