30 Elegant Cloud Tattoos You Must Try

“I don’t know if the clouds are moving when I lie down in the sky. “, Such a quiet picture and elegant leisure are all due to the clouds. Cloud is a chivalrous son in the air. He wanders all over the world all his life. A person with cloud tattoos on his body must be a freedom loving person.

“I want to wear flowers to find my way, straight into the depths of white clouds, magnificent show rainbow”, such a beautiful scenery, naturally make people linger. The clouds in the sky always give people a feeling like marshmallow. What is the unique symbol of the soft marshmallow tattooed on the skin?

The cloud tattoo represents the road, never stops, “Floating clouds travel all day”, it sounds like a busy person, and it is true to think about it. Cloud life is floating around, running, symbolizing the future, the pursuit of dreams, never stop.

Cloud tattoo represents warmth and softness. What is behind the cloud? It is blue sky, white clouds, even gorgeous rainbow, which gives the clouds warmth, while white clouds symbolize purity and softness.

30 Elegant Cloud Tattoos You Must Try

Source: @_harrymckenzie