30 Great Moose Tattoos Give You Inspiration

There are many kinds of deer. As we all know, it’s very cold in the Arctic. In such a cold environment, there is a very spiritual deer “moose”. And moose is the biggest deer in the world. Let’s get to know it!

There is an American biologist named Tom Paret. During an investigation in Myanmar, a moose, a male moose, was found. It weighed more than one ton and was three meters long. It’s the biggest deer ever found. The color of moose’s hair is generally brown. In summer, the color of moose’s hair is darker than that in winter.

In our memory, deer is a big, lovely, gentle and fast animal. Generally, the speed of a camel can reach 55 kilometers per hour, similar to that of a car. The most prominent part of moose is its pair of antlers. The shape of moose’s antlers is different from other antlers. It is a flat shovel shape, and their antlers are also the largest among deer. Deer, as an animal, are highly valued in many places. Although moose is very large, it is very few in number.

Moose is taller than most cattle. You don’t see it has a heavy body, it looks clumsy, but in action it is very flexible, can dive into the deep sea to find food. Moose has a large amount of food. They are looking for food all day, and they eat more than 20 kg of food every day. They eat many kinds of food, including tender grass, leaves, water plants and so on.

30 Great Moose Tattoos Give You Inspiration

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