30 Distinctive Owl Tattoos You Must Try

Owls are mythical animals with rich connotations in history and different cultures. Owl tattoos are strongly liked by people. Owl, a cute and domineering little creature, is not only loved by everyone, but also designed by tattooists as a kind of material. Do you know the meaning of owl tattoo?

In recent years, owl tattoo is very popular, tattoo lovers break the shackles of traditional concepts, break through the barriers of the secular, especially the fashionable cool men and women are regarded as the logo of the cool me, it can not only bring people the enjoyment of beauty, but also owl tattoo means that it represents wisdom, patience and calm.

In fact, in the animal world, the owl represents wisdom. In Greek mythology, Athena’s love bird is a small owl (a kind of owl, which is considered to predict events), so the ancient Greeks respected the owl as a symbol of Athena and wisdom.

In J. K. Rowling’s magic novel Harry Potter, owls and toads are the pets of witches. Among these pets, owl is the most noble and popular one. Because they can not only help the host to send mail, they are a real “postman”, and they can understand human feelings and language.

30 Distinctive Owl Tattoos You Must Try

Source: @afterinkedcolombia