30 Gorgeous Pansy Tattoos You Can Copy

When it comes to pansy, maybe more people will think of its fleshy flesh, but what we want to talk about today is pansy. What is the flower language and moral of Pansy? Let’s take a look with me!

Pansy is the national flower of Iceland and Poland. This species is cold tolerant and likes to be cool, and its flowering is greatly affected by light. Flowers usually have three colors: purple, white and yellow. The flowering period of Pansy is from April to July, which is very similar to that of Corydalis, but there are also some differences. The flower of Pansy is larger than that of corydalis. There are dark dots in the center of the flower, and the flower shape is more round, while Corydalis has only a black straight line like a beard, and the flower shape is longer.

As a traditional Chinese medicine, pansy can also sterilize and treat acne, acne and allergy on the skin. Pansy medicine bath also has a good breast enhancement effect. It has the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, dispersing blood stasis, relieving cough and diuresis. It is used for cough, infantile purulence and nameless swelling.

The flower language of Pansy is meditation and happiness. Please miss me, daydream, longing and happiness. Let’s communicate. Suitable for friends or people you like. It is said that Cupid’s tears on the flower of love have left a trace of its shade color. The flower language of Corydalis is similar to that of tricolor corydalis. It is meditation and happiness. Please miss me and let’s communicate.

30 Gorgeous Pansy Tattoos You Can Copy

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