30 Gorgeous Shield Tattoos You Can Copy

Shield is the oldest cold weapon defense weapon of human beings. Whether in the east or the west, shield has been widely used in combat. Although the shield tattoo is not considered to be the mainstream tattoo design, it is still very popular among men. The shield is one of the tattoos that can best reflect the male spirit. Whether you are a history lover or an anime lover, getting a shield tattoo is a good way to express your interest and belief.

Shield tattoos can embody a variety of meanings, all of which depend on the style, form and position of the shield, as well as any other image accompanying it. In different cultures of the world, shield often symbolizes protection, strength, combat, Superman, authority and so on. It is a male tattoo symbol full of power.

Many shield tattoos are designed with tribal or family insignia. The tradition of wearing insignia in shield can be traced back to ancient Western knights. They wear these symbols to show their lineage and take pride in inheriting the business of the tribe or family. During conflicts and wars, when there are large numbers of people, these marks can prove whether a person is a friend or an enemy.

Captain America may be the only action hero or cartoon character in the world who uses a shield as a weapon. It’s a round shield with five pointed stars. It’s very elastic and colorful. It looks great. Many tattoos who love Captain America cartoons undoubtedly need to have such tattoos. Their usual design only shows this colorful shield.

30 Gorgeous Shield Tattoos You Can Copy

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