30 Gorgeous Spear Tattoos You Must Love

There are many forms of ancient square array, the oldest and most common of which is square array. This formation is the simplest and most compact, suitable for infantry field operations. Spears, shields, halberds, swords, and tomahawks are commonly used in the square array. Spears in the square array are generally placed in the forefront, which are the main weapons for attack and defense, and can pose a great threat to the enemy.

The spear used in the ancient Greek square array is generally about 3 meters. It is used in conjunction with the sword. During the battle, the Greek soldiers form an eight column square array with the shoulders on the shoulders. The shield is close to the back of the soldiers in front. The spears of the first three columns are flat, and the spears of the soldiers behind are inclined upward. The spears are far away and the sword is near. Due to the lack of flexibility in spear combat, it was gradually eliminated.

The spear used in the ancient Roman square array is generally 4 or 5 meters long, with a relatively large spear head, which can pierce shields and armor. During the formation, the spearmen are behind the shield soldiers, and the spear front is forward to cover the shield soldiers to kill the enemy. The ancient Roman phalanx is as powerful as the Macedonian phalanx. The battle between the two sides depends on who is braver. The brave side is bound to win.

The spears used in the Macedonian phalanx were probably from the 4th century BC to the 2nd century BC. The spear is 6 meters long and weighs 4.5 to 6 kg. It is used by infantry. There are also cavalry, but the length is about 3 meters. The gun head and gun barrel are intubated, and the gun barrel is made of wood. In the Macedonian square, this kind of spear plays a huge role. Because of the formation of a row of guns in the front, if the enemy attacks in the front, he will almost die. At the same time, the intersecting spear square array also has a powerful deterrent effect on the enemy.

30 Gorgeous Spear Tattoos You Must Love

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