30 Elegant Sweet Pea Tattoos You Must See

There are many flower colors of sweet pea, such as white, pink, durian, red, blue, Viola and dark brown, as well as multi color varieties with spots or edges. So what is the flower language of fragrant pea and the representative meaning of fragrant pea? Let’s take a concrete look.

Sweet pea flower language: happy, beautiful, sweet and warm memories, running away from home. The fragrant pea is a butterfly flower with elegant color, just like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly. Some people describe it as a girl who is eager to leave home and go on a date. This is the origin of the fragrant pea flower saying “going out from home”.

The delicate fragrant peas are always female. It is said that the softer the woman, the more she likes the flower. Elisandra, the virtuous and famous Queen of Edward VI of England, is a typical pea fan. She can’t live without such flowers in her bedroom, dining table and clothes. The fragrant pea has a delicate fragrance, with the mixed fragrance of orange blossom, hyacinth and rose. Early Europeans thought that this fragrance had an aphrodisiac effect, so they liked to use fragrant pea to decorate bedrooms, and this custom is still preserved in many places.

Sweet pea flowers have just grown out. Generally speaking, they are white. But if you look carefully, there are two small black spots in that layer of white gauze, just like a mother, giving her children all kinds of care.

30 Elegant Sweet Pea Tattoos You Must See

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